Want to grow as a Project Leader?

Take Charge, Lead Teams, Deliver Projects and Grow business by building essential Project Leadership skills.

Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.”

Jack Welch

You can be the one!


Hi, I am Satyandra.

20+ Years in Leading Projects | Entrepreneur | Minimalist | Vegan

My Mission

There are no systems to develop leaders in most organisations. I want to solve this problem.

I created the “LeadEx” program and a vibrant Community to transform ambitious and purpose-driven project professionals into project leaders by enabling them to develop a leadership mindset, skills and capabilities.

Why Leadership Excellence & “LeadEx” Program?

“LeadEx” stands for Leadership Excellence. Our Focus area is Project Leadership.

Behind every successful project, there is a successful Project Leader.

Leadership Excellence is about demonstrating capabilities from creating a plan to delivering the result successfully.

The “LeadEx” program is about developing the required skills – Mindset, Strategies, tools and tactics to master the four Pillars of Leadership Excellence in Projects.

1. Lead “Yourself”

Ability to Lead oneself successfully and inspire others.

2. Lead “Teams”

Ability to Build, motivate and Lead teams to achieve a common goal.

3. Lead “Execution”

Ability to make an actionable plan, implement and achieve results.

4. Lead “Business”

Ability to guide execution to generate revenue, profits and create prospects.

Is the “LeadEx” Program suitable for you?

The “LeadEx” program is created to transform project professionals into Project Leaders.

It is best suited for people who aspire to become project leaders.

Do you work in Project related jobs / industry?
Do you aspire to become Project Leader?
Are you ambitious and Purpose-driven?
Is career acceleration a top priority for you?
Do you believe in doing work that creates an Impact and deliver results?
Do you understand that becoming a leader is a journey?
Are you seeking a mentor to support the journey and make it fail-proof?

Want to know more about LeadEx?

How will “LeadEx” help you to become a Leader?

The LeadEx program aims at your learning, developing and amplifying skills, transforming you into a Leader, so that you can create an impact and achieve breakthrough results.

The program is laser-focused to help you build the 4 Key Skills essential for every leader.

1. Build Leadership Personality

Build strong personal Leadership skills, inspire and influence others

2. Build & Lead Highly Effective Teams

Build great teams, foster team culture, and work towards a common goal

3. Plan & Execute Projects Successfully

Create a plan, manage execution, monitor progress and deliver results

4. Grow relationships, Revenue, Prospects

Create a Win-Win situation for clients and organisation, drive revenue and prospects

What will you get in the LeadEx program?

Focussed learning course, coaching and a community to grow with.

1. Courses

LeadEx Foundation Framework
Master Classes on Personal, Team, Execution and Business Leadership

2. Weekly Meet-ups

Weekly Inner Circle Calls offering group coaching
12 Week hackathon to develop leadership mindset and skills

3. Community

Access to a community of Learners, and learn together
Access to LeadEx Facebook Group

Ready to start your Leadership Journey?

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