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The Pursuit of Meaningful Life.

By Satyandra Vadavalli

Living a meaningful life is to lead a life with Purpose, Life Satisfaction, Enjoyment at work, being productive, a great career, Happiness, Positivity, Good Health, and a higher level of wellbeing.

This space is a journal of my experiences, learnings, experiments, strategies, and struggles towards leading a meaningful life.

Get to Know me

Hi there, I am Satyandra Vadavalli.

I am an Entrepreneur, working passionately on putting a smile on the face of my customers, family, friends, and, last but not least, myself. Trying to be the best in my small little world of things.

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Simplicity & Minimalism

I believe in Simplicity and Minimalism, and they are one of my core values. This space is designed and content is created keeping these two principles at the core.

The design philosophy is to keep the space neat and clean, free from clutter. The content and message are at the front and you will not find any unwanted stuff popping around. The usage of graphics and images are also on a need basis, used only to impress upon the message.

I hope you like it this way.