“Live a Meaningful Life; you only have one.”

I am Satyandra Vadavalli. My friends call me “Satya.” Welcome to my space, and thank you for visiting.

I am an Entrepreneur, working passionately on putting a smile on the face of our customers, making my business grow, and nurturing young talent.

My work spans Defence, Solar, Engineering, and Infrastructure Industries. It’s been 17+ years, and I love what I do.

About me

My friends, peers, superiors, and colleagues say that I have done incredible work on technologically intensive, first of its kind, and challenging projects.

My employer for ten years, Larsen & Toubro, reckoned me as an “Outstanding Performer.” My career was put on fast-track with nominations to many Leadership  Programs and the opportunity to work as Executive Assistant to Group Chairman. The learning I had at L&T was the best.

When I was at the peak of my career at L&T, I had quit my job and started the journey of Entrepreneurship in 2013. While many said that it was not a wise decision considering my progress in the career, for me it was realising my dreams and vision.

Key projects that I worked with are:

Building India’s First Nuclear Powered Ballistic Missile Submarine, one that made my nation proud, secure, and laid an excellent foundation for my career.

Set up World’s First and Largest (125 MW) Concentrated Solar Power Plant in a hostile environment with scarce resources.

Design and Development of systems for Defence Research. Integration of BrahMos Super Sonic Cruise Missile weapon complex System.

Design and development of Underwater Target Structures for combat firing of Torpedo’s, High Temperature and high pressure air regulation system for Cellular Ceramic Heater and integration of AIP system.

When I look back, my work makes me feel both happy and proud. I’ve played a part in creating a few Landmarks for my country. My family can take pride in my work.

To know more about me, my work and experiences, Click here.

My philosophy of life

My philosophy of life is to be damn good and excel in at least a few things/something. Being mediocre and average is not a happy state to be. And to excel, you should always be a learner.

Seth Godin (I admire him the most), the marketing genius, says, “Be world-class, in your small world.” I took his advice to heart.

I aspire to do good work and be meaningful. I want to make my little mark and bring smiles to the members of my small world.

Learning + Hard work = Success

My philosophy of life set me on a journey of continuous learning, discovering various ways of pursuing personal growth, and living with purpose.

I am not someone with unique abilities, but just like you. Learning and Hardwork became my go-to tools for acquiring the required knowledge and figuring out the “How” part of things.

I’ve overcome problems by learning from my leaders at work, research, reading a lot of books published by accomplished authors, and hard work.

I’ve seen success in my efforts, both personally and professionally.

Why this Space?

I created, to chronicle my journey, learnings, successes and failures, and experiences on living a meaningful life.

Why am I doing this when the internet is full of feel-good advice, articles, and self-help books? My answer is simple.

I screen the ocean of information available through the filters of my experiences and learnings, and bring to the surface, the strategies and tactics that work. To pick the practical and actionable ideas, implement and get results.

I focus on strategies and tactics for enhancing personal growth, productivity, leadership, Happiness, enjoyment at work, and living with purpose.

Why do I write?

My work helps me become the person I want to be. It inspires me to set goals. Writing gives me clarity of thought. Motivates to learn more. Provides feedback on what worked and what failed.

To remind me that to pursue personal growth and live with purpose, and to make progress, putting your reps in, is the most important thing.

Secondly, to help in whatever little way I can, people like you: Executives, new managers, and experienced professionals in your efforts to improve yourself, to make your mark, and live a meaningful life.

That’s all about me. And Thanks for coming this long.

Join me

If you happen to share my thoughts, feel free to connect with me. I’ll be delighted to be in the company of like-minded. And we will travel together, towards our dreams.

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