The LeadEx Program

“LeadEx” stands for Leadership Excellence. Our Focus area is Project Leadership.

Leadership Excellence is about demonstrating capabilities from creating a plan to delivering the result successfully.

The “LeadEx” program is about developing 4 Key Project Leadership skills – Personal Leadership, Team Leadership, Execution Leadership and Business Leadership.

LeadEx – Journey

Your Journey inside the Leadership Excellence Journey.

Step 1.

LeadEx Framework & Foundation

3 Day, Self Paced Course

Installation of a mindset with the right set of beliefs, values, and attitudes that enable individuals to lead effectively and grow as leaders

Step 2.

Personal Leadership Mastery

1 Week, Self Paced Course

Enhance an individual’s ability to lead themselves effectively and lead others in a positive and productive manner

Step 3.

Team Leadership Mastery

1 Week, Self Paced Course

Get the ability to lead and manage a group of people and motivate them towards a common goal by enabling team work.

Step 4.

Execution Leadership Mastery

1 Week, Self Paced Course

Get the ability to make an actionable plan, organise resources, implement the plan and achieve results.

Step 5.

Business Leadership Mastery

1 Week, Self Paced Course

Develop the skills to build customer relationships, guide execution to generate revenue, and create prospects.

Step 6.

Leadathon, 12 Missions

90 Min Per Week, 12 Weeks

Actively participate in the 12-week Leadathon, Learn and build strategies and tactics to evolve as a leader.

Group Coaching

Inner Circle Meetups

90 Min Per Week, Most Weeks

Insights and Group Coaching, Checking in on your progress and problems (if any) you are facing to make progress


Private Community Access

Collaborate & Learn with Peers

Join the Private Community and VIP Facebook Group to Learn and network with peers who share your beliefs and journey.

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