Got a goal, make it a project.
Photo by Octavian Dan on Unsplash

A project is an undertaking, carried out individually or collaboratively, that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim. Most of my work experience had been in managing large and complex projects, successfully. If you want to accomplish anything, you make it a project. Follow the approach of managing it like a project and you won’t fail.

The following are the projects taken up by me towards leading a meaningful life. The purpose of these projects is to learn, put systems in place, develop good habits, pursue personal growth and development, become fit and healthy, and live with content.

Each project is intended to serve a purpose and accomplish a broader goal. Having come from a Project Management background, I had tried to assign a definite time and specific deliverables for each project so that I can always track them, visualize the progress made, and stay on course with clarity and focus.

Get Fit and Healthy by Walking

The Get Fit and Healthy by Walking is a simple project aimed to have regular and consistent physical activity so that the overall physical wellbeing can be improved. The key idea is to develop habits and putting processes that will ensure you become Fit and Healthy.