To succeed is not easy. Achieving it sustainably is much more difficult, if not impossible. If we look around us, very few people have mastered being successful while most others struggle. There is something that differentiates successful people from the ones who aren’t.

In my 15 years of professional experience, I had studies many companies and opportunity to interact with many great leaders and professionals who excelled in their roles. When I reflect on what makes them stand apart, I realized that they had certain unique characteristics/attributes instilled in them, which equips them to succeed.

In this article, I had listed down the top 6 attributes of highly successful professionals/organization. We all should have them too. If we can master them, I have no doubts that we too shall ace being successful.

1. Big Dreams. Great Vision.

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. To be successful, you should be able to visualize things as what they should be, but not as what they are. You need big guts to have a dream and great focus to see how you can realize your vision by cutting through the clutter that blinds us.

Elon Musk of Tesla, Jeff Bezos of Amazon and late Dr. Kurian of Amul are some of the great visionaries. They had a grand vision. They chased big dreams to make their organization succeed and be the leaders by offering immense value to its customers.

2. Undeterred Commitment

Commitment is the state or quality being dedicated to a cause, activity etc. Commitment means staying loyal to what we had said long after the mood you said it has left you. As Tony Robbins says, As soon as you truly commit to making something happens, the “how” will reveal itself. When you stay committed to your goals, you will do whatever it is required to achieve your goal.

Steve Jobs was always committed to producing innovative products with great hardware and software. This single commitment made apple products to stand out.

3. The Winner Attitude

If you don’t see yourself as a winner, then you cannot perform as a winner. The winner attitude flushes the negativity out of your mind and lets you stay inspired. It will also let you not give up as in any effort, the beginning is the hardest. Winners are not the people who never fail. But they are the ones who never quit.

4. Steady march towards Goals

Any goal can be achieved by being steady and consistent.  Talk to yourself that you will make steady progress every day, without fail, let there be rain or shine. It is much better than making a big progress in a short time and doing nothing for some.

Southwest Airlines had made it a goal that they would want to be a different company standing true to its values and culture. Their main aim was also to be profitable every single year. During the recession, while every other airline lost money, Southwest airline was the only one to turn profitable for 30 consecutive years, without having to sack a single employee.

5. Hard work & Hard work

The only road to success had to pass through hard work, determination and many sacrifices. While hard work does not always guarantee success, it improves the chances of success significantly. Without hard work, it’s no use to have great dreams and grand vision.

To put hard work is to turn up consistently every day to pursue your goals. It is to write your plan down and work on it every day. The William’s sisters who were legendary tennis starts were all but raised on tennis grounds. Their routine was to get up at 6’oclock, practice hard, go to school, practice hard after returning school. It is this hard work that propelled them to achieve great heights in the sport.

6. Strength of Character

The strength of Character means the ability to overcome odds and progress.  It is to withstand the hardships, get your plans together and take appropriate actions towards your goals.

Indra Nooyi, the Chief of Pepsi used to work midnight to 5 AM in the morning when she was studying Master at Yale University. She also used to go to work at 7 AM in the morning and leave by 8 PM taking loads of emails and paperwork home. She had shown great strength of Character to succeed in the career while raising two young daughters at home.

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