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LeadEx Program.

The “LeadEx” program is about developing 4 Key Project Leadership skills – Personal Leadership, Team Leadership, Execution Leadership and Business Leadership.

Imagine yourself transforming into a Project Leader who creates Impact and Deliver Results.

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What will you learn in the Webinar

Step 1.

LeadEx Framework

Why installation of a right mindset with the right set of beliefs, values, and attitudes are important to grow as a Leader

Step 2.

The 4 Pillars of Leadership Excellence

Understanding the four key skills of Leadership Growth and why each of these skills are important to become a succesfull leader

Step 3.

Action plan for building the key Skills

Identifying the strategies & tactics, action plan to develop and build the 4 Leadership Leadership skills

Hi, I am Satyandra

Mentor | Leadership Coach | 20+ Years in Leading Projects | 10+ Years as Entrepreneur | Minimalist | Vegan

End to End responsibility of Projects, Project Management, Corporate Strategy & Implementation, Engineering & Design, People Development, Systems Implementation

Projects Handled
Strategic Projects for MoD / DRDO / Navy, Solar Power Plants, Warships and Commercial Shipbuilding, Ship Repairs, Design & Development Projects, Infrastructure & Process Plant Construction, , Multi Skill Development, Executive Assistant to L&T Chairman - Mr A M Naik,

B Tech in Mechanical Engineering, Masters from IIT Delhi, Executive MBA from SP Jain Institute of Management & Research

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